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\f0\fs24 \cf0 The \best\ day of your life, a true fairytale that you will cherish forever. Book \your\ Wedding Disco or DJ with Club Class Entertainment for your \Evening Reception using the \greatest\ handpicked DJ talent, and \finest sound and light equipment. Wedding Disco Harrogate \\Club Class Entertainment provide \bespoke Wedding Entertainment, Wedding Discos, Wedding DJ, LED Uplighting and Videography in York, Leeds, Hull, Harrogate and right across Yorkshire.\\We \insist on using the BEST local and national talent in our team. Our handpicked DJs are all FULL TIME Professionals working for Nightclubs and Radio stations in York and all over Yorkshire.\\We are the Mobile Disco and Entertainment supplier of choice to many of the \finest hotels in and around York and North Yorkshire.\\Our \sound and light\ equipment is state of the art and tailor made to suit your requirements, no event too big or small.
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