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Clothes For Charity offers a secure and convenient way of donating clothes to charity.Clothes For Charity puts to rest the apprehensions that people usually have about their donation reaching the right hands and achieving the targeted purpose. They are committed to eliminating the risk element associated with giving away clothes to charity by offering a safe and secure process which guarantees that when people donate clothes, it will reach the intended charity.“People are generally wary of giving away their old and used clothes to charity through agencies because there are many stories floating about how the donations get misused,” says the spokesperson for Clothes For Charity. donate to charity “We make sure that the clothes you donate reach the intended beneficiaries. We send a confirmation email informing the donors that their donation has reached the chosen charity as soon as the process is completed”Clothes For Charity has a transparent process of clothes collections for charity which leaves no scope for ambiguity or doubt. That’s the reason why they are fast becoming the number one reliable resource for those who want to do clothing donations through a reliable source.The process of donating clothes is remarkably simple and hassle-free. Intended donors simply have to register their details on the website and pick up their preferred charity from their large database of charity partners. The requested bag gets posted to the client’s address with a leaflet attached that mentions the charity to which the clothes are to be donated, a barcode, and some simple, easy-to-follow instructions.According to the spokesperson, the bag has to be filled with clothes that are in good, reusable condition. To cover the costs of managing the free pickup and delivery, they only accept bags that weigh a minimum of 15 kg. When customers are ready with the bag and the simple conditions are met, they just have to pick a date and inform where they want the bag picked up from. Customers can also choose to receive an SMS reminder on the day of collection for better coordination.The bag is picked up by City Link courier on the appointed day and time from the customer’s home or office and taken to the Clothes For Charity depot for processing. The barcode is scanned and the clothes sent onward to the chosen charity. Customers are sent an email informing them of the successful completion of the donation process.Clothes For Charity works with some of the most popular charities in the UK such as Centre Point, Arrhythmia Alliance, Brace, Brendon Care, Cancer Recovery, Child Soldiers, Combat Stress, DRT, Humanity First, LIAM, and many others.About Clothes For Charity:Clothes (interwiki) for Charity, a leading UK-based organisation, has been helping people donate clothes for charity through a transparent process which ensures that the clothes reach their intended beneficiaries quickly. The organisation lists many charities that donors can choose to give away their old, used clothes to. They have managed to bring in the much-desired elements of security and flexibility in the clothes donation process a factor woefully missing in other organisations doing similar work.
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